Genesis 1-11 Lesson Series

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The Creation Account, Part 1        MP3 (28 MB)   or   WMA (29 MB)
This lesson gives general observations about Genesis chapter 1.  Wayne explains several aspects of what is known as the literal view of Genesis 1.  The authority of God's word, the biblical "kinds," and Genesis 1's answer to Egyptian Sun worship.  30 minutes   
The Creation Account, Part 2
        MP3  (45 MB)  or  WMA  (45 MB)
In this lesson Wayne explains the Day-Age Theory (especially that of Dr. Hugh Ross) and the Gap Theory.  Why these interpretations of Genesis 1 have problems.  Some discussion on the Age of the Earth

Adam, Eve, and the Fall                  MP3  (45 MB)  or  WMA  (45 MB)
This lesson discusses Genesis chapters 2 and 3 regarding Adam, Eve, and their disobedience to God.  The Tree of Life.  God's response to their sin.

Cain and His Descendants             MP3  (35 MB) or WMA (36 MB)
This interesting lesson addresses Cain killing his brother Abel as well as what happened to Cain's descendants.  It also discusses how God carried out both justice and mercy in dealing with Cain.

Seth and His Descendants             MP3  (32 MB) or WMA (32 MB)
Genesis 5 and 11 lists the descendants of Seth and Shem and gives both geneological and chronological information about these families.  Thus this lesson addresses the Sethites and how knowledge of God was passed on among Seth's descendants.  The controversy about the meaning of the "sons of god" and the "daughters of men" is discussed.  

The Noahic Flood, Part 1                MP3  (32 MB)  or  WMA  (32 MB)
Genesis 6:9 - 7:24 is considered.  The violence and sinfulness of the preflood world is discussed, the global nature of the Flood, and the chronology of events during the Flood.  

Noah and his Sons
This is an outline on Genesis 8:20 - 9:29, about the incident in which Noah gets drunk and Genesis explains how his sons responded to what Noah did.  The curse on Ham and his descendants is discussed.  No audio is available for this lesson.

The Tower of Babel                       MP3  (40 MB)  or WMA  (40 MB)
This lesson addresses primarily Genesis 11:1-9 about the Tower of Babel, where God intervened to split people into multiple language groups.  This led to the various language groups as well as races and nations.  

Making Genesis Relevant            MP3 (49 MB) or WMA  (50 MB)
This lesson summarizes some information from Genesis 1-11.  There is discussion on how origins is relevant to values and world view.  Wayne shares about how to use the information in talking to people.