Creation vs. Evolution:  Not Just a Science Issue

This presentation is an overview of creation and evolution, especially regarding how these two ideas relate to world views and why the origins issue is important.  It addresses the moral and other implications of creation and evolution, the differences between empirical science and origins (forensic) science, and interpretation of the book of Genesis.

Geomagnetism and the Age of the Solar System

This presentation is based on the research of creationist physicists Thomas Barnes and D. Russel Humphreys.  Humphreys research shows that very rapid reversals of Earth's magnetic field were possible during Noah's Flood.  Information from space research confirms a Biblical young age point of view!

Earth Impacts and Noah's Flood

This presentation is a summary of Wayne Spencer's two papers delivered at the Fourth International Conference on Creationism in August 1998.  Some information in this presentation has been updated since the conference.  The papers were called "Catastrophic Impact Bombardment Surrounding the Genesis Flood," and "Geophysical Effects of Impacts During the Genesis Flood."  Scientific problems with the "Alvarez Hypothesis" is mentioned showing that one large impact could not cause all dinosaurs all over the world to go extinct.  Yet, there is abundant evidence that Earth has been struck by many large objects from space during its history.  These papers suggest a way Earth impacts can be explained in the context of a young age point of view and the Catastrophic Plate Tectonics view of Noah's Flood.
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