Creationism Resources List

Purchase books, video tapes, children's books MASTER BOOKS / NEW LEAF PRESS
P.O. Box 26060
Colorado Springs, CO  80936
(800) 999-3777
(719) 591-0800
Ministry of Ken Ham.  Also, purchase books for various age levels, videos, subscribe to Creation Ex Nihilo magazine or Ex Nihilo Technical Journal.  Also shirts, ties, software, and more.  Good source for children's books on creation. ANSWERS IN GENESIS
P.O. Box 6330
Florence, KY  41022-6330
(800) 350-3232  (Info.)
(800) 778-3390  (Orders)
(606) 727-2222

Australian office:
(07) 3273 7650
(07) 3273 7672 (FAX)

Write for free "Acts N Facts" newsletter, catalog of books, Graduate School catalog.  Contact ICR regarding conferences, study tours and their museum. INSTITUTE FOR CREATION RESEARCH
P.O. 2667
El Cajon, CA  92021
(619) 448-0900
(619) 448-3469 (FAX)
Formerly Films for Christ.  Contact to rent or purchase high quality films/videos on creation.  E-mail at EDEN COMMUNICATIONS
1044 N. Gilbert Rd.
Gilbert, AR  85234
(602) 497-8200 (Info.)
(800) 332-2261 (Orders)
(602) 497-8001 (FAX)
For membership in Creation Research Society and subcribing to the CRS Quarterly journal.  Also, subscribe to "Creation Matters" a less technical and shorter periodical.  E-mail at CREATION RESEARCH SOCIETY
P.O. Box 8263
St. Joseph, MO  64508-8263
(816) 279-2626
Ministry of John MacKay, geologist and educator.  Audio and video tapes, speaking tours by John. CREATION RESEARCH
P.O. Box 281
Hartsville, TN  37074
(615) 374-3693
(615) 374-3045 (FAX)
Order high school biology textbook supplement "Of Pandas and People" and other materials for educators. FOUNDATION FOR THOUGHT AND ETHICS
P.O. Box 830721
Richardson, TX  75083-0721
(972) 661-1661
(972) 661-2989
Museum south of Fort Worth, TX and the ministry of Carl Baugh.  CREATION EVIDENCES MUSEUM
P.O. Box 309
Glen Rose, TX  76043
(817) 897-3200
(817) 897-3100 (FAX)
Monthly meetings in Dallas, occassional other outings and fossil footprint excavations.  METRO INSTITUTE FOR ORIGINS SCIENCE
Don Patton
813 Trails Pkwy
Garland, TX  75043
(972) 279-5325
Extensive video and book lending library.  Only cost is your postage to return the materials Ellen Myers
Bible Science Fellowship
1429 N. Holyoke
Wichita, KS  67208
(316) 683-3610
Select from a wide variety of apologetics related materials.  Many are very inexpensive, subscribe to kids  science/creation magazine called "Discovery".  AP also has an adult level newsletter on apologetics. APOLOGETICS PRESS, INC.
230 Landmark Dr.
Montgomery, AL  36117
(800) 234-8558
(334) 272-8558
(800) 234-2882 (FAX)
Organizers of the International Conferences on Creationism (ICC), also other creation meetings in the Pittsburgh, PA area. CREATION SCIENCE FELLOWSHIP, INC.
Dennis Wert
2339 Los Angeles Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA  15216
(412) 364-7642
Creation related Christian family camps in the summer, also speaking tours, activities for kids, and training for teachers ALPHA-OMEGA MINISTRIES
Dave & Mary Jo Nutting
Grand Junction, CO  81502
(303) 245-5906