by Wayne Spencer

Our Special Solar System - An introduction to the solar system from a young age creation point of view.  This is a summary of Wayne's research on the solar system.  Updated October 2018. 

Magnetic Evidence for Young Worlds  Summarizes the evidence for a young Earth and solar system from geomagnetism.  Describes the magnetic model of Dr. D. Russell Humphreys.

Science and the Big Bang  Fourth part in a series on the Big Bang from December 2013.  Addresses five major scientific problems with the Big Bang and tells about a growing movement of scientists who are challenging Big Bang theory.  

Structures Too Big for the Big Bang  Document created for the Good Heavens! podcast in 2017.  Describes super-cluster of galaxies, quasars, and other objects that are up to billions of light-years in size.  How can they get so big? (180 KB PDF)

Missing Links of Big Bang Theory  Third part in a series on the Big Bang.  Explains stages of the Big Bang and limitations of what modern science can explain.  Big Bang theory often tries to explain an unknown in terms of another unknown, not based on observable phenomena.

What Kind of Universe is This?  Second part in a series on the Big Bang from 2013.  Discusses the question of what caused the universe to come into existence in the Big Bang versus via Biblical Creation.  Explains views of what existed prior to the Big Bang and the concept of the Big Bang starting as a spontaneous uncaused event.

Big Bang Theories and the Christian World View  First part of a series on Big Bang theories from 2013.  Addresses the argument that the universe is "fine-tuned" for the existence of life.  This point is made without assuming the Big Bang is true.  Also addresses the Copernican Principle and the Strong Anthropic Principle assumed in Big Bang theory.  

Revelations in the Solar System, Part 1

Revelations in the Solar System, Part 2 Parts 1 and 2 are an expanded version of the article published in Creation Ex Nihilo magazine, in the June-August 1997 issue. Part 1 addresses problems with evolutionary views and new findings from the Galileo mission. Part 2 suggests some creationist alternatives to the usual evolutionary naturalistic view of the solar system. Both parts include some graphics not in the magazine article.

Intelligent Design and the NSP World Model - This a brief nontechnical summary on the nonstandard physical world model of Dr. Robert Herrmann, Mathematics Professor at the U.S. Naval Academy. It touches on symbolic logic, linguistics, mathematics, modern physics, and astronomy.

Mars Life Found on Earth? - This is a summary of responses to the NASA announcement of bacterial life found in a meteorite found in Antarctica which is believed to come from Mars. Responses are taken from contributors to the CRSnet creationist e-mail list.

A Biblical Approach to Astronomy-Parts 1 and 2    This series from the Creation Answers newsletter addresses how Biblical presuppositions affect our understanding of cosmology and evidence for the intelligent design of the universe as a whole.  The Ptolmaic/Heliocentrism controversy is examined in the light of Biblical hermeneutics.  Evidence that our galaxy is near the center of the universe is addressed as evidence for design.  References have been added to this version of the articles.

A Biblical Approach to Astronomy - Parts 3 and 4    This series from the Creation Answers newsletter addresses how the Bible relates to the Big Bang and also addresses the age of the universe.  The issue of distant starlight in a young universe is addressed briefly.  There have been some minor updated comments in this version of these articles.  Also a correction is made related to something in the Part 2 article and references have been added.


Published Papers:  
Published in Origins, The Journal of the Biblical Creation Society, UK in Special Issue 37/38, 2004, on the solar system.
This issue contains a collection of papers on solar system topics by various creationist authors.  These files require Acrobat Reader to open.  The Biblical Creation Society also has a web site:
Our Solar System and its Origin  (PDF, 1,345 KB)
The Ringed Giants - Jupiter and Saturn  (PDF, 159 KB)

Published in the Proceedings of the International Conference on Creationism, Technical Symposium, (ICC), Pittsburgh, PA

Proceedings of the International Conference on Creationism, Used by permission.  For copies of the Proceedings contact the Creation Science Fellowship, P.O. Box 99303, Pittsburgh, PA, 15233. (

1)  The Origin and History of the Solar System  (1994 ICC Proceedings, PDF 419 KB)
Tidal Dissipation and the Age of Io  (2003 ICC Proceedings, PDF 147 KB)
Our Solar System:  Balancing Biblical and Scientific Considerations  (2008 ICC Proceedings, PDF 439 KB)


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