Duane Gish 1921 - 2013

From the March 2013 Creation Answers Newsletter
Wayne Spencer

    On March 6, 2013 Dr. Duane Gish died.  This is a sad milestone in the creation movement.  Dr. Gish is now with Jesus.  Duane Gish did much ministry with the Institute for Creation Research.  He is known particularly for the many debates he did with evolutionary professors and scientists.  I remember hearing him speak  while I was a student at Kansas State University.  As young Christian and relatively recent convert at the time he made a major impression on me.  Gish was an accomplished debater.  He also did many lectures on college campuses and in churches.  He endured many insults from unbelievers over the years but he kept plugging away at his ministry.  The memorable ones to me are his talks on fossils, dinosaurs, and the Big Bang.  He had a Ph.D. in biochemistry so he did a great job on the issue of the evolution of life from chemicals.  But he seemed pretty versatile and able to cover many topics and speak to any audience.  His knowledge of science was absolutely encyclopedic, which served him well in debates.  

    Dr. Gish, like me, was born in Kansas.  He died at age 92.  But he traveled widely and had an important role in the formation of the Creation Research Society in 1963.  Some donít know he had a career with the Upjohn Company in Michigan prior to joining the faculty at ICR in 1970.  He often accompanied the late Henry Morris.  He has been a great tireless example for a long time.  I look up to him very much.


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