by Wayne Spencer

Mutations and Creation - Addresses discoveries from genetics research on DNA and mutations.  Explains the idea of a multicode, that DNA is an interleaved code.  Why even beneficial mutations do not accomplish what evolution requires.  

The Genetic Similarity of Apes and Humans - Deals with the claim that Chimpanzee DNA is about 98% the same as human DNA.  Explains how data is selected to arrive at this percentage, and differences between humans and chimpanzees' Y chromosomes.

Dinosaur Soft Tissue and a Young Earth  -  This collects information from two Creation Answers articles of Dec 2005 and June 2009 with additions.  Summarizes the evidence on dinosaur soft tissues, blood, blood vessels, and proteins found that brings into question the old age view of these fossils.  

Biston betularia- Peppered Research on the Peppered Moth - The classic story presented in biology textbooks of the peppered moths turns out to be totally incorrect.  The peppered moths in England have been a common example of natural selection in action.  Evolutionists have recently exposed problems with research on this from the 1950's.

Introduction to Creation Biology, Parts 1 and 2 - This addresses topics related to how living things change.  What does "kind" mean in Genesis and how does that relate to species?  The problems with Mutations and natural selection as mechanisms of macroevolution are addressed on a nontechnical level.  A list of recommended sources on biology is found at the end, for more detailed study.

Introduction to Creation Biology, Parts 3 and 4 - This addresses the issues related to similarities between living organisms and how that relates to their origin.  This is referred to by the terms homology and convergence.  Embriology, intelligent design of living things, and the evolution of the first cell from chemicals are also discussed.  A list of recommended sources on biology is found at the end, for more detailed study.

Haldane's Continuing Dilemma - This is an article written by Wayne from the March 2006 Creation Answers newsletter.  It is about a mathematical problem with the frequency of beneficial mutations and evolution.  This is a summary of some important work from creationist Walter Remine.



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