A Fresh Look at the Genesis Flood Account  -  by Wayne Spencer

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Below is a digital recording from the DFW Creation Study Group meeting of April 26, 2003.  Wayne Spencer gives an overview of the Flood account in Genesis.  Topics addressed include the "sons of God"/"daughters of men" controversy, Noah and his sons, care of the animals on the Ark, and the connection between Noah's sons and the conquest of the land of Canaan by the Israelites.   The complete message is 60 minutes in length.  It may be downloaded as one large file or in three segments.  WMA files require Windows Media Player for playback.

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Entire message
Floodmsg_csg042603.mp3        (35 MB, 60 min)

Segmented message
Part 1:  Floodmsg1.mp3                         (8.7 MB, 15 min)
            Floodmsg1.wma                         (3.6 MB)
Part 2:  Floodmsg2.mp3                          (15 MB, 25 min)
            Floodmsg2.wma                          (6.2 MB)
Part 3:  Floodmsg3.mp3                          (11.6 MB, 19 min)
            Floodmsg3.wma                          (4.7 MB)