Science Versus Adam & Eve

From the June 2011 issue of Creation Answers

    In the June 2011 issue of Christianity Today there is an article called, “The Search for the  Historical Adam.”  In recent years there have been great advances in genetics research.  Research related to the human genome has led to new arguments by some in science against a literal Adam and Eve.  Well known scientist and Christian, Dr. Francis Collins is Director of the National Institutes of Health.  He is associated with an influential organization called Biologos.  He advocates that humans evolved from lower animals as Evolutionary theory has always said, even though he says the Bible is trustworthy and authoritative in faith and practice.  He does not believe the Bible is accurate on topics related to science.  

    Collins coauthored an Inter-Varsity Press book called “The Language of Science and Faith.”  Collins’ coauthor was a physicist named Karl Giberson who says the concepts of Adam and Eve as a literal first man and woman, does not fit the evidence.

    This is not a new debate but genetics research is adding a new dimension to it.  Evolutionary scientists  seem to believe they have reason to say  science totally rules out the possibility of a literal Adam and Eve.  Modern theories of the evolution of man attempt to determine how large the populations of primates were in the past that humans and modern apes evolved from.  Today’s humans and todays apes are believed to have had some “primitive primate” that was a common ancestor.  Since these ancient primates were present in significant numbers before Homo Sapiens evolved, and since the genetic variability is believed to come from random mutations in a sizable population, it follows that humans could not evolve from one couple.  The evolution of humans is believed to have required something on the order of 10,000 individuals.   

    Thus, a challenge is confronting Christian scholars over whether it matters to believe in a literal Adam and Eve.  Note that the Apostle Paul wrote in I Corinthians 15:45, ‘So it is written: “The first man Adam became a living being.” ‘ In an evolutionary viewpoint, the concept of “first man” does not really have meaning, because human characteristics did not come about all at once.  How can Christians possibly reconcile no Adam and Eve with the rest of Scripture?  It is impossible.  There is the geneology of Jesus in Luke which traces Christ’s lineage all the way back to Adam.  There is also Paul’s logic that connects Adam to redemption in Christ (see Romans 5).  Or what about the various confessions of faith and catechisms that have been written all through the history of the church?  Should we just delete the parts about Adam?  Should we add a line in our Church doctrinal statements saying man evolved from primates – because evolutionary science says so?

    We must absolutely resist this trend to throw out Adam and Eve.  Exciting new discoveries in genetics are beginning to be hinted at from the research of young age creationists who believe in a literal Adam and Eve.  There is new research from Dr. Robert Carter with Creation Ministries International that implies some aspects of the diversity of human beings, based on study of the X and Y chromosomes in the human genome, seems to require a literal Genesis to explain.  I’d recommend this great article by Dr. Carter answering the idea of no Adam & Eve.


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