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Origin of Our Solar System with Planet Migration - Presentation from the Eighth International Conference on Creationism, 2018.  A review of the Grand Tack and Nice models for the formation of our solar system.

Dinosaur Tissue Handout - (117 KB, from January 2013, by Wayne Spencer) Two page article with pictures and links about dinosaur bones found to have soft tissue, blood, and fragments of DNA.

Genesis Outline - Outline of the book of Genesis by Wayne Spencer (PDF, 8 KB)

Dice Activity Record - (23 KB, January 2013 by Wayne Spencer)  One page handout for kids dice activity.  For recording
rolls of dice.  See Teaching Helps section article on "Protein Probability:  A Dice Activity"

Is the Gap Theory a Biblical Option?  by Richard Niessen (PDF, 36 KB) - This is an article used by
permission from Creation Moments.  It is an excellent critique of the Gap Theory with a helpful discussion
of the interpretation of Genesis chapter 1 based on considerations of the Hebrew text.  Though I may
differ with the author on some minor points, such as the use of Romans 5:12, the article is very valuable.

Creation Contradictions?
 by Dr. Bernard E. Northrup (PDF, 138 KB) - This is an article used by
permission from Creation Moments.  Dr. Northrup addresses some issues regarding Genesis chapters 
1 and 2 that some have claimed represent contradictions between these two chapters.  Northrup
makes a number of important points about  the Hebrew language and about the translation of certain
verses, especially Genesis 2:5.  Though I would differ with Northrup somewhat on his interpretation of
Psalm 104, this article provides valuable insights on topics such as rain and plants, the garden of Eden, 
and how the first two chapters of the Bible relate to each other. 

How do we Interpret Scripture?
 (PDF, 10 KB, by Wayne Spencer) - This is two pages that were inadvertently left out
of  the teaching aids in some copies of the Our Genesis book.  These pages list several principles of
Biblical interpretation and give information about three views of Genesis chapter 1, the Day-Age view,
the Gap Theory view, and the Literal view of the creation account.  One page is meant for a handout
and the other is meant to be a transparency master.

Genesis Handouts (265 KB PDF, by Wayne Spencer) - This is 66 pages of discussion questions and other handouts to
accompany the Our Genesis book.  This collection includes only discussion questions, certain outlines,
and other pages meant for the students or audience, not for the person teaching from Our Genesis. 
This can be used to give handouts to the group when someone is teaching from the Our Genesis book.  
All these pages can be photocopied as needed.

Structured Layout of Genesis 1-11.  This is a structured mechanical layout of the NIV text of Genesis 1-11
(PDF file, 293 KB).  Meant for use in studying how Genesis is written.  Layout done by Wayne Spencer.  

Click here
for the key that explains the formatting of the structured layout. 

Prophesies of Jesus.  Excerpt from the book, Evidence that Demands a Verdict, Parts 1 and 2, by Josh McDowell.  Scanned
portion on the prophesies of Christ in the Old Testament and their fullfillment (10 pages, 9 MB).



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