by Wayne Spencer

The Impossibility of Flight Evolution - Addresses how various flying creatures fly and problems the evolution of flight. Explains why flight would have to evolve multiple times and the coordination of different systems that is required for flight.

Spider Silk and Webs - Short article about research from engineers and chemists into spider silk and spider webs. Complex design in how they are made that surprises scientists.  

The Eye Really Has It! - From the September 2009 Creation Answers newsletter.  Gives interesting discoveries about eyes, both in the animal world and in humans, that point to intelligent design by God.  Addresses problems with eye evolution, the inverted retina of vertebrates, eye movements, and other topics.

Why is there order rather than nothing? - From the June 2009 Creation Answers newsletter.  Explains the Second Law of Thermodynamics (2LOT) as it relates to origins.  Cautions against improper use of the 2LOT as a creation argument and uses it instead as a design argument.

God's Ratio - This is about a special numerical relationship found over and over in nature which shows intellegent design. Very interesting. Relates to geometry, biology, and other topics.

Intelligent Design and the NSP World Model - This a brief nontechnical summary on the nonstandard physical world model of Dr. Robert Herrmann, Mathematics Professor at the U.S. Naval Academy. It touches on symbolic logic, linguistics, mathematics, modern physics, and astronomy.

Creation and the Attributes of God - This is an outline that comments on Romans 1:18-20 and developes the idea that Nature shows what God is like.  Nature should motivate people to want to know and worship God.  This is part of a Biblical perspective on intelligent design.  To download Digital Audio file of this lecture (mp3 file, 30.5 MB) RIGHT CLICK HERE

The Sea Slug - Strange but Real - This is a short article about an unusual ocean creature that is able to adopt the weapon of another creature and use it.  Taken from the December 2003 issue of the Creation Answers newsletter.


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