Biographical Sketch and Testimony

Wayne R. Spencer







        I have been a Christian since 1979. I grew up in a home in which my Mother was a strong Christian and my father was an atheist. I grew up thinking as an agnostic; I concluded it was impossible to know if there was a God.  While an undergraduate student at Kansas State University, I had personal problems that prompted me to get a lot of psychological counseling. In spite of some changes it produced, I couldn't find permanent healing without Christ.  Counseling that doesn't acknowledge God or the reality of sin and its affects on us cannot be very effective. People can help people but God changes people.  In Christ people find the truth that's true for all people, forgiveness of sins, God's perfect love, and power to change.  I've experienced the reality of God's care and have seen him change my life dramatically.
        I graduated from Kansas State University in Physics in 1982 and completed my Masters degree in Physics, graduating from Wichita State University in July 1994.  I also studied education for two years at Emporia State University, also in Kansas.  During my time as a college student I was involved with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship at three different universities, including being chapter president one year.  As a teacher, I taught middle school and high school level math and science for four years at a Christian School in the Wichita, Kansas area. I've taught some college level classes on a part-time adjunct basis, and have taught high school math in an all black Christian School in South Dallas.
          As Vice-Chairman of the Mid-Kansas Branch chapter of the Bible-Science Association, I was very active speaking on creationism and organizing conferences in the Wichita, Kansas area.  I have preached in churches, spoke at various settings such as creation organization meetings, youth conferences, home school groups, and once at the Dallas Skeptics Society.  I presented technical papers at five of the International Conferences on Creationism in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1994, 1998, 2003, 2008, and 2018.  These papers have related to the origin of the solar system, impacts from space and Noah's Flood, and other solar system topics.  I have published articles in the Bible Science News, the Creation Research Society Quarterly, Creation magazine, and in Journal of Creation (formerly TJ) the technical journal from Creation Ministries International. I also provided some graphics for technical illustrations in the book "Voyage to the Planets" published by the Institute for Creation Research, authored by Dr. Richard Bliss.  I have occassionally written web articles for Answers in Genesis (AIG) and Creation Ministries International (CMI).  Journal of Creation papers have been related to extrasolar planets and sometimes other issues in planetary science.

        I also have approximately 20 years experience in the PC software industry, in technical support, software testing, and software design.  I currently work for a software company in Dallas.  I do research on the solar system, astronomy, Earth impacts, intelligent design, creationist geology, and other issues.  I occassionally teach various groups on Genesis and creation topics.  I also do a Podcast with friend Daniel Ray, called Good Heavens, available on and (also iTunes).  I enjoy personally responding to honest questions.  I published a free e-mail newsletter called Creation Answers, which ended in 2015.  

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