Recommended Resources for Christians


This is a web site where you can download some free Bible Software.  Don't think that something free can't be good quaility.  This is from Rick Meyers.


This is the Net Bible.  Anyone who is serious about Bible study will find helpful resources here.  The Net Bible is a free download and there is some great scholarship that has gone into it.  The verse-by-verse notes are really excellent. 


This site is from Andrew Kulikovsky.  A good collection of material to introduce you to the study of how to interpret the Bible.


This is the web site of the Christian Research Institute and the ministry of Hank Hannegraaff, known as the Bible Answer Man.


This is a helpful web site all about the Bible and history.  It has search engine for searching the text of various English Bibles, special glossaries and encyclopedias that are searchable, maps, and info on archeological discoveries.


This is an apologetics ministry focusing on cults and providing information on non-Christian belief systems.  See also the Apologetics Profiles Podcast on


This is the web site of Christian Book Distributors.


This site has a wide variety of Christian resources and links to other Christian web sites. 


The American Center for Law and Justice is a nonprofit public interest law firm, whose Chief Counsel is Jay Sekulow.   The ACLJ engages in litigation to protect religious freedoms and protect life (from the Pro-Life perspective). 


Probe Ministries has been known for years for its intelligent and helpful materials regarding the Christian World View.  Probe Ministries addresses moral and ethical issues, science verses faith, and political and educational issues in which a Christian World View has relevance.  Kerby Anderson is one of the well known authors and speakers from Probe Ministries.  

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