Creationist World Wide Web Sites

As of December 2018.  NOTE:  These links are provided so that the reader can get first hand information.  I do not necessarily agree completely with the viewpoints on these sites.    -  Wayne Spencer

1. Christian Answers Net


Films for Christ and several other Christian ministries cooperatively provide content for this site.  Many different types of resources on found here including Christian movie reviews, articles on apologetics and Biblical archeology, personal issues, science and creation, and a special site for kids with answers to questions kids ask.

2. Answers In Genesis

Creation ministry of Ken Ham, Gary Parker, and other creationists.  Located in Cincinatti area, building a museum.    Sell many creation materials.

3. Creation Ministries International

Publishers of the family magazine called Creation and the creation technicaljournal called Journal of Creation.  Creation Ministries International has a number of speakers that formerly were associated with Answers in Genesis.

4. Institute for Creation Research

This site has some helpful information about ICR, lists of Impact and Back to Genesis articles, info about their Graduate School, publications, research, etc.

5. Creation Research Society Home Page

The CRS publishes the Creation Research Society Quarterly, a technical level creationist journal for new creationist research. This site features information about CRS publications and the Van Andel Research Center in Arizona.

6. Access Research Network

ARN publishes a periodical called "Origins and Design."  This site has articles from this publication and information from various authors in the intellegent design movement.

7. Center for Scientific Creation Online

This is from Dr. Walter Brown, well known for his Hydroplate model of Noah's Flood. Dr. Brown has a book called "In the Beginning," now in its 6th edition. The entire 6th edition of his book is now available online.

8. The Revolution Against Evolution Home Page

This nice site tells about a creationist television program produced by Doug Sharp.

9. Creation Evidences Museum--Glen Rose, TX

Web site for the creation museum operated by Carl Baugh in Glen Rose, Texas.

10.  The Interactive Bible - Glen Rose Tracks Site

This is a general Christian site that has a section on Dinosaurs humans coexisting contemporaneously.  Pictures from Geologist Don Patton from Glen Rose are posted here, as well as photos of other research projects Don Patton is involved in on the issue of dinosaurs and man.

11. Creation Science Fellowship, Inc.

Creation Science Fellowship in the Pittsburgh, PA area organizes the International Conferences
on Creationism every four or five years.  Also has a very active ministry.  Look for the "ICC" link at the top.

12.  Creation Education Resources

Ministry of Richard Overman, who speaks on creation.  He has also produces the Creation Research Assistance Database, which is an excellent research database on creation periodicals and journals.

13.  The True Origins Archive

This site is done by Timothy Wallace.  It has a number of articles that are responses to anti-creationist articles on the Talk-Origins web site listed below.

14.  The Intelligent Design Network, Inc. (IDNet)

This site promotes intelligent design regarding the universe and life.  It is meant to bring together people from various academic disciplines and from education.  IDNet is a nonprofit organization that was organized following the debate over the Kansas science education standards.  (Not necessarily from a young-age Biblical creation viewpoint.)

15.  Creation Social Sciences and Humanities Quarterly - Online

This is a creationary scholarly journal on the humanities, social sciences, philosophy and some Biblical topics.  Though out of print, it provides a unique resource related to Christian world view issues, how evolution has affected society, and related matters.  This page lists the complete contents of the publication.  The publication was produced by Dr. Paul Ackerman, Ellen Myers, Diane Powell and others in Wichita, Kansas.

16.  The Alpha-Omega Institute

This is a unique ministry in Colorado that offers creation vacation camps, provides speakers for churches, and trains individuals to do creation ministry.

17.  Creation Research, the ministry of John MacKay

This is the web site for the research and speaking ministry of australian creationist John MacKay.  John has travelled throughout the world doing field geology work and is an excellent speaker.

18.  The Discovery Institute

This site supports the Intelligent Design movement and also has various resources on issues relating to science and culture and the relationship of faith to science.  Also sponsors the "C.S. Lewis and Public Life" program (see the link for "Other Programs."

19.  Global Flood (John Baumgardner, Ph.D.)

This site has papers by Dr. Baumgardner related to evidence for Noah's Flood and his computer modeling studies of the Catastrophic Plate Tectonics model of the Flood.  Dr. Baumgarder was a scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico and now does research at the Institute for Creation Research.  Technical papers and other articles by Dr. Baumgardner are collected in one place here.

20.  Earth Science Associates

Robert Gentry is known for his research on radiohalos and their implications regarding the age of the Earth.  Technical papers and books by Robert Gentry can be downloaded from this site on radiohalos and problems with  Big Bang cosmology.

21.  Creation Moments (Christian radio program)

This is the web site of the Creation Moments, Inc. radio ministry.  Creation Moments is a 2 minute radio program aired on many Christian radio stations (and in multiple languages).  Creation Moments mentions many examples of intelligent design in nature and explains it in a brief easy to understand format.  Ian Taylor is the host of the radio program.  The web site has many free articles (science, the Bible, Christian world view). Radio broadcasts can be listened to via Real Player.

22.  Tas Walker's Biblical Geology web site

Tas Walker has developed a system for relating rock strata to various stages of Noah's Flood.  His "Biblical Geologic Model" has been applied to explaining various rock formations.  Other creationists have applied Walker's model to explaining the geological history of various formations.

23.  The Creation Wikipedia

This is an online web encyclopedia on creationism, apologetics, and related concepts, similar to Wikipedia. The Creation Wiki has a number of contributors and many articles.  It is searchable and referenced.

24.  Creation and Earth History Museum

This is the website of the museum that used to belong to the Institute for Creation Research.  It is now owned and operated by another ministry.  It is in Santee, CA (Free Admission).

25.  The Insect Man (Karl Priest)

Website of Karl Priest, from West Virginia.  Karl is a former teacher and is a creation activist who is known for his presentations on insects and speaking out about public schools and science textbooks.  

To get the evolutionist point of view:

The Talk-Origins Archive

This site is very anticreationist in point of view. Articles are found here on a wide range
of topics related to origins.

The above list is NOT exhaustive.


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