Planetary Science Articles and Technical Papers

by Wayne Spencer

International Conferences on Creationism

1994 ICC -  The Origin and History of the Solar System

1998 ICC -  Catastrophic Impact Bombardment Surrounding the Genesis Flood

                     Geophysical Effects of Impacts During the Genesis Flood

2003 ICC -  Tidal Dissipation and the Age of Io [Moon of Jupiter]

2008 ICC -  Our Solar System, Balancing Biblical and Scientific Considerations

2018 ICC - The Proposed Origin of Our Solar System with Planet Migration


TJ / Journal of Creation / Creation magazine (CMI)

1997, 19(3) June, Revelations in the Solar System, Creation magazine.  Also available on

2000, v14(1)  Response to Faulkner’s Biblically Based Cratering Theory
[Available on with response from Danny Faulkner]

2001, v15(1)  The Existence and Origin of Extrasolar Planets, Journal of Creation
Note this article is also available on the Answers in Genesis website as an html
page here
2003, v17(3)  
Rapid Planet Formation , Journal of Creation

2006, Nov 10, Planet Definitions and the Creator  (web article on Pluto no longer a planet)

2007, v1(3)  Migrating Planets and Migrating Theories.  
Less technical web version of this is “
Planets and Migrating Theories” on

2008, v22(2)  Extrasolar Planets with Organic materials , Journal of Creation

          (same issue, 22:2)  Mars Catastrophic Geology , Journal of Creation

2009, v23(1) Ganymede:  The Surprisingly Magnetic Moon, Journal of Creation, pp 8-9.

2010, v24(1)  The Search for Earthlike Planets , Journal of Creation, pp 72-76

2011, v33(1) January, "Planets Around Other Stars," Creation magazine (Revised and updated 2012)

2011, v33(4) October, "Our young solar system," Creation magazine, pp 38-41.

2012, v26(3) "New Science on the Young Sun, and Earth Migration" Journal of Creation, pp 6-8.
This article is available in a webpage at

2013, v27(1) "Impacts and Noah's Flood--how many and other issues" Journal of Creation, pp 85-89.

2014, v28(3) "Magnetized moon rocks, impacts, and the Precambrian - a response to Humphreys" Journal of Creation, pp. 116-119.

2015, v29(2) "Exoplanets -- habitable or not?" Journal of Creation, pp 10-11.

2015, v29(3) "Rediscovering Pluto" Journal of Creation, pp 3-5.

2015, v29(3) "Warm Icy Moons" Journal of Creation, pp 97-103.

2016, v30(3) "The Manx comet and naturalistic assumptions" Journal Of Creation, pp 12-14.

2018, v32(1) "The Satellites of Pluto" Journal of Creation, pp 4-7.

2019, v33(1) "Oumuamua - what is it?", pp 3-5.

2020, v34(2) "The volcanism and age of Io" Journal of Creation, (August 2020) pp 117-123.

2021, v35(2) "Confirmations of highly inclined exoplanet orbits" Journal of Creation, (Aug 2021), pp 11-13.

2022, v36(3) "The iron snow dynamo theory for Ganymede" Journal of Creation, (Dec. 2022), pp 3-5.

Answers in Genesis

2008, Nov. 19, Answers in Genesis website, "Star Formation and Creation,"

2009, June 16, Answers in Genesis website, "Why Recent Creation?"

2009, July 15, Answers in Genesis website Answers in Depth, "From the Depths of Space,"

2012, June 16, Answers in Genesis website Answers in Depth, "Global Warming and Earth's Design"

2011, February 23, Answers in Genesis website Answers in Depth, "Retrograde Exoplanets Challenge Theories,"

2012, September 19, Answers in Genesis website, Answers in Depth, "The God Particle and the God of Particles,"

Answers Research Journal (published Sept. 10, 2014), "Evaluating the Day Four Cratering Hypothesis"

Creation Research Society Quarterly

1999, v36(3) December CRS Quarterly, “Earth Impacts, the Geologic Column, and Chicxulub”   [Update to 1998 ICC paper on Earth crater numbers.  Available on with the ICC paper]

2004, v41(2) in CRS Quarterly  "The Chesapeake Bay Impact and Noah’s Flood", coauthored with Michael Oard.  Available on

2014, v50(3) Winter, CRS Quarterly, "Critique of Modern Oort Comet Theory," pp 146-153.  Also available in public articles here:

2017, v53(4) Spring, CRS Quarterly, "The Challenges of Extrasolar Planets," pp 272-285.


Other Publications

2004, v37 / 38, in Journal of the Biblical Creation Society, UK.  “Our Solar System and its Origin”  and  “The Ringed Giants – Jupiter and Saturn


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