Review of "God of Wonders" DVD
Wayne Spencer

"God of Wonders" is a video program available from Randolph Productions that overviews all of nature to connecting creation with the God of the Bible.  It makes you consider the greatness of the Creator and also consider the meaning of the way we are as human beings and our place in God's creation.  It is a high quality production done in wide screen with beautiful footage of many things in nature.  The entire program is 85 minutes long.  It addresses everything from the atom to the Sun and stars, as well as plants, flowers, sea creatures, birds, animals, and man.  You can learn about the special properties of water, hummingbirds, flowers, and how big the largest stars are compared to our Sun.  It addresses intelligent design in all of the segments on nature, but it does more than just address that there is a Creator.  It connects things in nature (as well as in human nature) to the attributes of God and to his provisions for us.  The program makes you think about what it means that the world is so orderly, beautiful, and abundantly well designed for our benefit.  

Individuals from a variety of minisitries appear in the program, including Dave Hunt, Ian Taylor, Roger Oakland, Ken Ham, as well as ICR scientists Larry Vardiman and Frank Sherwin.  The well-known Dr. John Whitcomb appears in the program at several points to address the spiritual significance and make things relevant to us as human beings.  There is also Gary Parker and David Menton, Jason Lisle, and Don DeYoung.  This brings together expertise from a wide variety of academic disciplines, all discussing the meaning of the order and purposeful design in the world.  In each section Bible verses are displayed on screen or quoted that bring out God as Creator and provoke thought about the meaning of some aspect of creation.  There is an incredible breadth of topics addressed and it is not just left on a factual level.  The emphasis throughout is on connecting the way things are made with what it means about the God who made it all.  This is what I like so much about it.  Seldom have there been programs that effectively do this.  This may be the best example of this I've ever seen.  

There are interesting interviews with what seem to be "average people" on the street.  I can't help wonder how people were selected to be interviewed for this.  The interviews are very good though for making the program have a personal relevance.  The people interviewed are asked simple questions like "Do you have a conscience?" The people interviewed admit they have lied and done other things that they know are wrong.  The program makes the point that all people have an innate ability to judge right and wrong.  All people know they have fallen short of what they know is right.  This shows how people need a relationship with their Maker.  The last section is entitled "God of Love." In this the gospel from the New Testament is explained clearly about what Jesus Christ did in dying for our sins and raising from the dead and that we can trust in Him for salvation.   

I think this program will be a great encouragement to Christians.  I've enjoyed it immensely.  It could also be a great program to show to nonchristians or to children, to spark discussion about the existence and nature of God.  With nonchristians or with kids, it might be necessary to use it one section at a time rather than showing the entire program in one setting.  Each section can be started from the DVD menu.  New sections start with a title and usually a Scripture being put on the screen.  My only real criticism of the program is that the Scriptures are sometimes not displayed long enough to read them on the screen.  I'd recommend using the Pause button and looking up these passages if they are unfamiliar.  This great program shows how the natural world is meaningful in pointing us to our Creator.    

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