A classic description of evolution and "survival of the fittest":

"Evolution knows no moral feeling. The earth is a gory battle-ground, where the weakest animals

[die] . . . in a pitiless struggle of tooth and claw. . . . It is a ruthless, blundering, non-moral process, without a glimmer of guidance behind it."

From CRS Quarterly, Sept. 1993; originally from Woolsey Teller, The Atheism of Astronomy, 1972, Amo Press, N.Y., p 2.


But, does this describe the real world?

"Another, far different view is now emerging from research: cooperation, not competition seems to be the dominant mode of animal interaction. Lewis Thomas (1974), argues that the overwhelming tendancy in nature is toward symbiosis, union, and harmony. . . . Even Leakey and Lewin (1978) have concluded that it is often the organisms that cooperate which are the ones that are more likely to survive, . . . ."

Jerry Bergman, "The Problem of Extinction and Natural Selection," Creation Research Society Quarterly, 30:2, Sept. 1993, p 98.