by Wayne Spencer

Reading Genesis
This is a critique of a paper by professor Daniel C. Harlow (from Calvin College) called "After Adam:  Reading Genesis in an Age of Evolutionary Science."  This addresses his views of science, on Adam and Eve, and the comparison of Genesis with ancient Near Eastern myths.

Ancient Aliens and Pseudoarcheology
This is a critique of some of the claims of people who promote that aliens from space were present on Earth in ancient times and that this is necessary to explain what ancient people groups did.  Ancient alien promoters, such as Eric Von Daniken, present fake mysteries and don't explain the relevant evidence realistically.  This article gives examples showing how the ancient alien promoters are wrong.

Scoffers Versus Noah
Addresses 2 Peter 3 about scoffers in the last days, in relation to the Noah movie released in March 2014.  Explains how the movie presents Noah to be different than the real Noah from the Bible.

Review of "Flight" Video
This review is of a video produced in 2013 called "Flight:  The Genius of Birds".  It is produced by Illustra Media.  It explains bird eggs, how birds are built for flight, hummingbirds, and a number of other special things about birds. Though the video is very good, there are also issues about evolution and birds it does not address.

Children's Book - The Oxpecker and the Giraffe
This is a short review of a children's book published by Creation Ministries International (available from  The book is about a bird that keeps insects off of various African animals.  Written in a fun rhyming style, a giraffe is hard to convince that the oxpecker bird is its friend.

The Flood Science Review, Part 1
This article is a summary of a 2 year project sponsored by In Jesus Name Productions (IJNP.ORG) to do a scientific evaluation of models of Noah's Flood.  Several creationist authors including Dr. John Baumgardner, Dr. Walter Brown, Mike Oard, and others contributed.  Then a group of ten panelists evaluated and critiqued the ideas of the authors.  Everyone involved believed in a literal view of Genesis and a young age creation point of view.  This and Part 2 represent short summaries of a large eBook on the project from IJNP.

The Flood Science Review, Part 2
In Part 2 on the Flood Science Review, the project Panelists views are summarized about each Flood model.  Wayne gives his thoughts on each model.  Wayne and five other panelists considered the Catastrophic Plate Tectonics view the best model available today for Noah's Flood.  Find out more about the Flood Science Review and get the ebook at

Review of "God of Wonders"  (DVD)
This is a short review of an enjoyable and worshipful program that relates creation to the Creator.  It connects the beauty, complexity, and order of nature to the attributes of God.  The program is thought provoking.  Many topics in nature are addressed with wonderful quality video and related to the Bible.  The Christian gospel is presented at the end.

Review of "Darwin's Dilemma"
(DVD by Illustra Media)
This is a brief review of the DVD video by Illustra Media, "Darwin's Dilemma."  The video addresses why the so-called "Cambrian Explosion" was a problem that concerned Charles Darwin.  The program is not a young-age creationist program but it has value for its information about the Burgess Shale fossils, fossils of embryos in China, and the general complex design of the Cambrian creatures.

The Mistreatment of Darwin Doubters
This is a detailed review of the book Slaughter of the Dissidents by Dr. Jerry Bergman (published 2008).  This book documents detailed evidence for cases of discrimination and unfair treatment of people in science and education who question evolution.  This book is thoroughly researched and is very enlightening about the nature of the discrimination discussed in the popular movie, Expelled:  No Intelligence Allowed

EXPELLED - No Intelligence Allowed
This is Wayne's thoughts on the movie Expelled, with Ben Stein, after seeing an early screening of it on January 31, 2008.  The film exposes the discrimination and unfair treatment of people in science and in the media who are willing to consider that there is an intelligent creator behind nature.

The Teachings of Hugh Ross
This is a summary of the teachings of Dr. Hugh Ross of Reasons to Believe, and a critique.  Emphasis is on Biblical and theological problems with Ross' ideas, including the Day-Age theory, Progressive Creationism, the authority of Scripture, and other issues.  Links are included to other creationist articles with more detail on certain issues. 

The 'Killing Jesus' Movie
Wayne Spencer's comments on the Killing Jesus movie, based on the popular book by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard.  Cautions Christians on aspects of the movie that make it different than the New Testament.

Review of Science Curriculum, "God's Design for Heaven and Earth" (Detailed Outline)
This is a detailed outline where Wayne Spencer reviews the Earth Science related portion of
the science curriculum published by Answers in Genesis (6 pp).

Creationism and the Paluxy Controversy
This is a paper summarizing the controversy surrounding the Paluxy River footprints in Glen Rose, TX and a critique of some of the teachings of Carl Baugh, from the Creation Evidences Museum.  In three parts:

The Lost World and God's World - This is a commentary on the 1997 movie "The Lost World," which is a sequal to the movie "Jurassic Park." Also included are answers to common questions about dinosaurs and the movie Jurassic Park.  

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