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The Answersblog is a WordPress weblog.  So by virtue of its design there are multiple ways to receive or read the content of this blog.  You can choose how you would like to subscribe.

  1. First, just save the URL and come here when you like.  The web address is
  2. Second, use the SUBSCRIBE link below to send your email address and name. You will be sent an email with a link you can click on to set your own password.
  3. The third way (a very nice way in my opinion) is to use the RSS feed.  This means the articles will come to your browser in a list, as they are posted.  This doesn’t use email though it can be done in many email programs.  You can do this in web browsers.  In Microsoft Outlook you’ll see an RSS Folder, where you right click on it and put in the RSS address. 

    The RSS Feed address is one of the following.

Note that you do have to create a login to post a comment.  If you have it sent to your email, the only info you give the system is your email.  I would never give out your email to someone else.  I will approve comments before they are posted though.  Thank you for your interest in my blog and God bless.

Wayne Spencer


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