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12/24/2023God and SufferingBible Related
5/30/2023The Mysteries of FomalhautScience Related
1/27/2023The Grin from SpaceScience Related
8/25/2022Images from the James Webb Space TelescopeScience Related
3/8/2022Science and the Age of the Solar System Science Related
12/9/2021The Wise Men and the Star of BethlehemBible Related
11/7/2021The Pleiades and Star ClustersScience Related
6/1/2021Good Heavens in Top Astronomy Podcasts for 2021Admin Note
5/30/2021Foundations of SocietyBible Related
12/24/2020Comets, Meteorites, and the Origin of LifeScience Related
10/7/2020Faith and Patterns of EvidenceBible Related
6/6/2020Cosmologists Say the Strangest ThingsScience Related
4/10/2020The Exodus and the Corona VirusChristian Life
12/2/2019Why I Still BelieveOther Apologetics
8/26/2019GalaxiesScience Related
4/15/2019Was There A Global Flood?Science Related
12/24/2018Faith and Apollo 8Science Related
11/26/2018The Road to FaithOther Apologetics
3/31/2018From Gas to the Morning StarScience Related
11/15/2017Structures Too Big for the Big BangScience Related
8/13/2017Encountering Noah’s ArkBible Related
6/10/2017Is the Universe a Message?Bible Related
4/15/2017Truth That Changed My LifeChristian Life
2/25/2016Is Genesis HistoryScience Related

God Called A Fish

Bible Related
7/18/2016Jupiter – Provided by GodScience Related
5/30/2016IdentityBible Related
4/24/2016The Faithful Witness in the SkyScience Related
6/27/2015The God who isBible Related
2/4/2015Jesus and the SwordBible Related
5/4/2014Tyson’s CosmosScience Related
2/21/2014Bill Nye vs Ken HamScience Related
1/27/2014 Evidence from AiOther Apologetics
11/23/2013Joshua’s Long DayBible Related
9/18/2013Creation Research 2013Science Related
7/22/2013Dinosaurs in Noah’s FloodScience Related
5/30/2013Science and the ExodusBible Related
4/23/2013Apologetics Good and BadOther Apologetics
3/9/2013Jesus, Who Are You?Bible Related
2/2/2013Adam and EveBible Related
12/8/2012Science vs God DebateOther Apologetics
10/27/2012Meaningless?Bible Related
10/1/2012Contending with CriticsOther Apologetics
9/2/2012Bill Nye the Evolution GuyScience Related
8/11/2012The Alien DeceptionOther Apologetics
7/5/2012Earth was Made by God
Science Related
5/23/2012Who Defines Marriage?Christian Life
4/27/2012Animal Distribution and CreationScience Related
4/8/2012Easter and God’s SolutionChristian Life
3/17/2012Faith Versus NASAScience Related
3/8/2012Weeds in the BlogBible Related
2/20/2012Is Christian Experience a Delusion?Christian Life
2/15/2012Solar System Missions to Wish ForScience Related

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