Genesis Articles

by Wayne Spencer

Introduction to Genesis - The Old Testament book of Genesis gives us an account of the origins of the world and of the Jewish people.  This article is an excerpt from a study guide on Genesis 1-11 Wayne Spencer has written.  Scripture's presentation of the Creator-God and how He relates to man is emphasized as well as the historical context of Genesis.  To open Adobe Acrobat file of the Introduction, right click here.

Genesis Outline - Adobe Acrobat file of just Wayne Spencer's outline of the book of Genesis

Structured Layout of Genesis 1-11.  This is a structured mechanical layout of the NIV text of Genesis 1-11
(PDF file, 293 KB).  Meant for use in studying how Genesis is written.  Layout done by Wayne Spencer.  

Click here for the key that explains the formatting of the structured layout. 

Why God Would Not Use Evolution - This article addresses theological and Biblical issues about how biological macroevolution conflicts with Scripture.  The origin and significance of physical death are addressed, as well as what atheists say about evolution and Genesis.  Also problems with the Day-Age and Gap Theory views of Genesis 1 are discussed briefly. 

A Fresh Look at the Genesis Flood - Digital Audio - This is a digital recording from the DFW Creation Study Group meeting of April 26, 2003.  Wayne Spencer gives an overview of the Flood account in Genesis.  Topics addressed include the "sons of God"/"daughters of men" controversy, Noah and his sons, care of the animals on the Ark, and the connection between Noah's sons and the conquest of the land of Canaan by the Israelites.

The First Two Verses - This is a detailed critique of interpretations of Genesis chapter 1 that put a gap of time between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.  Various issues about Hebrew words and usage are examined as well as the concept of Earth being judged prior to the Genesis 1 creation week as a judgement on Satan. 

God's Flood - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 .  This series is a study of the Genesis Flood account and common questions regarding it.  The relevance of the Flood account, the global nature of the Flood, Noah and his family, the Ark and care of the animals, and the preflood world are all touched on.  

Cain and Seth's Wives.  This answers a very common creation question about where Cain got his wife.  Puts it in terms that apply to both Seth and Cain, since they both had the same issue in finding a wife.  

The Origin of Languages, Races, and Nations - Excerpt from the Our Genesis book on the significance of the Tower of Babel event in Genesis 11 for how languages, races, and nations came about after Noah's Flood.

Science Versus Adam and Eve - This addresses an article in Christianity Today from June 2011 which addressed the new controversy over the existence of a real historical Adam and Eve.  A new challenge to a historical Adam comes from evolutionary science from the Biologos organization.

Was there a real Adam and Eve? -  This is a presentation on why Christians should believe in a real Adam and Eve in history.  There are 14 slides.  Quotes of certain Christian scholars and of G. Richard Bozarth.  (6.8 MB PDF)

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