Is Genesis History

On February 23rd a movie was shown at some movie theaters called “Is Genesis History?” From time to time, movie theaters allow some Christian movies to be available like this in a one-night showing. Often it is sort of a “trial run” where theater managers are unwilling to give it more showings unless they see that there is good interest in the movie among the public. There are many good creation related videos that have been produced by creation organizations but they are normally simply available on DVD or Blue-Ray discs. It is always good if a Christian movie makes it into the theaters because this does bring more exposure and reaches a wider segment of people. This movie reportedly did well at the theaters on Feb. 23 so there is a possibility it may be shown at theaters again soon. I would recommend it to anyone from about middle school age and up.

“Is Genesis History” is a presentation of young-Earth creationism for the general public. I would say it is a very good presentation. It keeps things pretty understandable and clear for the most part. It’s answer to the question, “Is Genesis History?” is a resounding “YES.” It’s arguments for this come mainly from geology, from a Biblical scholar (Hebraist Dr. Steven Boyd), and from some archeology. The moderator/interviewer in the program is Del Tackett, who was involved in the Truth Project at Focus on the Family. It features interviews with some well known creationist scientists, including Steve Austin, Robert Carter, Andrew Snelling, Kurt Wise, Kevin Anderson, Danny Faulkner, and others. (To see the trailer for the film, CLICK HERE.) The program emphasizes a lot on geology and evidence for a young age and how this allows for the Biblical time scale. But there is also very good material on how living things can adapt to their environment, on intelligent design, and some on astronomy. There is a very good segment on archeological evidence for the Tower of Babel event. I would like to have seen more on archeological evidence related to Genesis, but the program was very packed with good information.

Geological evidence that is not too technical is emphasized in the film. This is clearly intended to attack the assumption that science has shown the Earth to be billions of years old. The film begins with discussion of the Mt. St. Helens volcanic eruption in May of 1980 and how it showed that erosion and layered deposition can happen quickly in the right conditions. It also has good information about the rock layers in and around the Grand Canyon and shows how many layers of sedimentary rock cover large portions of North America and beyond. Evidence for little time between the rock layers is also discussed. All this information on rock layers is well established from research from both secular geologists and creationist geologists. So I know there is good research to back up what is presented in the film. The film presents each topic in a very brief (but effective) manner but there is research to back it up. The film ends with a very nice informal discussion with Andrew Snelling, Steve Austin, Robert Carter, and Danny Faulkner at a table with Del Tackett.

One of the best moments in the film was when it showed tweezers stretching soft dinosaur tissue. There was an audible gasp from the audience at this. This is something that there is a need for people in the public to be exposed to. It is dramatic and clear evidence against the evolutionary time scale. There is much more that could have been included on this topic but again the film presents each subject in a very brief manner. This is evidence which was first published by a non-creationist scientist and many other examples (not just dinosaur fossils) have added to the soft tissue cases since the first reports. Creationists have now also done their own field work and lab work verifying soft tissue in a dinosaur bone. It is an important thing that this film shows the original field work and research done by creationists in finding soft tissue in a Triceratops horn fossil. I hope the film will stimulate viewers to search for more information from organizations like the Institute for Creation Research, Answers In Genesis, Creation Ministries International, and the Creation Research Society.

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