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Usage note from Wayne Spencer

Good Heavens nominated for top astronomy podcasts by Welp Magazine!

This is news about the Good Heavens! podcast hosted by Wayne Spencer and Daniel Ray on Podbean . Welp Magazine is a strategy resource for business and technology. It rates the 20 best podcasts in various categories. Welp has included the Good Heavens podcast in a list of the “20 Best Astronomy Podcasts of 2021!” I’d like to thank Welp and thank the Good Heavens listeners!

Dan and myself are both former secondary teachers with an interest in astronomy. We wanted to communicate astronomy in a way that is not too technical for the average person, and make it relevant to people. I like to say it is the “human side” of astronomy. We are both Christians and we have interviews from Christians of various backgrounds that has bearing on astronomy, science, faith, and apologetics. Dan brings his skills with audio interviews and I bring my physics background. We believe astronomy affirms faith in God and gives wonder at the universe another dimension. We discuss both Biblical mysteries and scientific mysteries. We actually started Good Heavens on the Patreon platform over three years ago ( But we added Good Heavens on Podbean about two and a half years ago, in order to make the program more readily available on more platforms.

There are a number of astronomy related podcasts worth checking out in this new Best of list. We are glad that Good Heavens is in the mix.